The Art of Kate Glasheen: Sketchbook


Troy, NY/ Philadelphia, PA


Lucafilm, LTD.
Paramount Pictures
Warner Bros.
Cartoon Network

DC Comics
Topps, Inc.
Image Comics

Dark Horse Comics



A Radical Shift in Gravity. Top Shelf Productions. Upcoming. 2019.
Bandage: A Diary of Sorts. KCS Pictures and Words 2010.
Hybrid Bastards!. Archaia Entertainment. 2008.
Puke Numbskull. The L Magazine NYC. 2007.



Infected. Image Comics. Upcoming.
Adventure Time: Ice King Miniseries. Cartoon Network / Boom Studios. 2016.
The Sakai Project. Dark Horse Comics. 2015
Star Wars Galaxy 5 Trading Cards. Lucasfilm / Topps, Inc.
Terminator Salvation Trading Cards. Lucasfilm / Topps, Inc.
Indiana Jones Masterpieces Trading Cards. Lucasfilm / Topps, Inc.
The Walking Dead Trading Cards. AMC / Cryptozoic Entertainment.
The Graphic Canon of Crime and Mystery, Vol. 1. Seven Stories Press. 2016.
The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature. Seven Stories Press. 2014.
The Graphic Canon, Vol. 3. Seven Stories Press. 2012.
Magic Paintbrush. Hightone Design (China). 2016.



Phobos and Deimos. Gristle Gallery. Brooklyn, NY. 2018.
Natural Growth. Paradigm Gallery. Philadelphia, PA. 2018.
Fake Theme Parks. Gallery 1988. Los Angeles, CA. 2018.
It's The Little Things. Paradigm Gallery. Philadelphia, PA. 2017.
Blood Dopes. The Art Dept. Philadelphia PA. 2016.
Pixel Hearts. Gallery 1988 West. Los Angeles, CA. 2016.
Better Ghosts. The Art Dept. Philadelphia PA. 2015.
Small Talk. Phantom Hand / LMNL Gallery. Philadelphia, PA. 2015.
Infernale. Ritual Ritual. Philadelphia, PA. 2015.
Not That Nice. The Art Dept. Philadelphia, PA. 2014.
Heart Show. Jinxed. Philadelphia, PA. 2015.
A Fine Mess. Art. Troy, NY. 2013.
Pulp Love. Phantom Hand. Philadelphia, PA. 2013.
Crestfest. Crest. Brooklyn, NY. 2012.
Friends as Enemies. Dead Presidents Lounge. Albany, NY. 2012.
X in NYC. Club 205. Manhattan, NY. 2011.
Reissue, Reset. Kismet. Troy, NY. 2008.
Wallpapering. Austen Gallery. Troy, NY. 2006.
The Things You Mean. Jigsaw. Manhattan, NY. 2005.
Could’ve Been Worse. 2nd Floor Gallery. Brooklyn, NY. 2004.



Pratt Institute 2002-2004. Brooklyn, NY. BFA in Fine Arts with High Honors.
Pratt at Munson William Proctor 2000-2002. Utica, NY. Foundation Arts with High Honors.



The Redditor
Flavorpill NYC
Wetlands Clothing